• Client Pipeline + Tracking with Basic Workflow Included
  • Productivity + Daily Priorities Page
  • Package & Custom Collection Calculator
  • Consultation Page with Basic Script Included
  • Wedding Vendor Database
  • Posing & Prompt Guide with Tons of Prompts
  • Notes Page to track Inspiration, Mood Boards,
    Course Notes, YouTube Videos, Book Notes, and More

What's included in this guide?

There is A LOT included in this Photography Hub. I use these pages on a daily basis and can't imagine running my business without it!

Our Notion template is intuitively designed, ensuring that even those new to Notion can quickly adapt and harness its full potential.

Embrace efficiency, creativity, and success with our Photography Hub Notion Template. Take the leap towards a streamlined workflow, satisfied clients, and a thriving business. 

Don't let the complexities of managing a photography business hold you back. 

Why Use Notion?

Tailored specifically for wedding photographers, our template covers many aspects of your business, from client management to creative inspiration.

Get it now!

Get your business organized and create a place for everything to exist.




Spend less time on administrative tasks & streamline your business.


Add your own pages and designs. This template can be customized and grown to fit your business.


My Business Is Built Off The Back Of Notion Using Many Of These Exact Pages. This Hub Is Like The Brain Of My Business.

A Quick Look Inside

The Dashboard

The hub's dashboard. This is the homepage where you'll find links to all the other pages within the hub.

The Pipeline

Below the dashboard is the Client Manager Pipeline. You can quickly filter based on year, and what stage of the process your clients are in.

Inside Each Project

Inside each client's page is a basic workflow, placeholders for their info (email, phone, etc.) and a place for notes.


Inside the consultation center is a template where you can input client info, and a basic script you can customize to your business. Take notes on your client and book more weddings using this template.

Pricing Calculator

Want to build custom collections for your clients? This pricing calculator will help! Input your rate for each product/service along with its cost, then input the quantity and it'll spit out a total along with your profit.

Posing & Prompt

Here's a quick prompt guide that I often reference when I'm out on an engagement session or at a wedding. There are 50+ prompts and visual references I use when I need inspiration.


This is a space for you to create notes whether it is from books, YouTube videos, courses, or for you to create pages with inspiration for shoots, location scouting, and whatever else you'd like. This can be a huge information hub for your business.

Walkthrough Video

Here is a quick walkthrough video that showcases the entire hub and what is included in each page.

Yes! If I decide to add to this hub, I will be sure to email the purchasers the new pages and updates that you can add into the hub.

Will there be free updates?

Due to the nature of digital products, there are no refunds. 

can I get a refund if I don't like it?

Yes! There is a free version which works with this template. 

Is Notion free to use?

Frequently Asked Questions